Meet Jackie

Jacqueline Ngbesso was born and raised in West Africa in the country called The Ivory Coast or Cote d' Ivoire. Jackie has always had a love and passion for dance and fitness as she grew up in a family of very talented dancers. Jackie moved to the United States in 1986. Since moving to America, she has raised her precious son, Felix, the joy of her life. In 1992, Jackie earned her Vocational Nursing License to became a nurse to continue her life's journey of caring for people and their health.

Over the years, with a demanding, stressful career and other life events, she developed bad eating habits and did not make time to take care of her own health. She did not work out or continue dancing and therefore gained 83 pounds which affected her health negatively. She became tired all the time and even suffered with gallbladder problems. With all the issues negatively affecting Jackie's health and lifestyle she decided to make changes to turn her life around. To start her lifestyle change, she arranged her work schedule and set small goals for weight loss of 2 to 3 pounds a week. She went to the gym to work out and dance. Amazingly, Jackie pushed to build her endurance and stamina and to also challenge herself by becoming her own personal trainer and nutritionist.

She did it all naturally, using no diet pills and having no surgery. Since reaching her goals, she has been extremely passionate about motivating and inspiring others with the skills and knowledge that she learned. Often, Jackie is asked "How did you do it?"... And that question itself and the encouragement from her friends are the primary reasons Jackie created the fitness revolution: JAfricanĀ® Fitness. Now, she is sharing her experience and journey with you. Come and experience what has forever changed her life!