JAfrican®Fitness is the premiere bootcamp style fitness program based on West African dance principles, combining aerobic cardiovascular fitness with full-body sculpting. This fitness program uses the unique fusion of traditional African and modern dance movements to elevate aerobic conditioning and body toning to the next possible level, challenging both mind and body. There is no room for the plateau effect so you will always have room to up the intensity and calorie burn.

Emphasizing on full body movements and plyometrics, JAfrican® class will delight and amaze you again and again with energetic variations. Do you want muscle definition and weight loss without sacrificing any of the fun of dancing?Come join this fitness program...It is open to all levels of fitness, no dance experience is required!

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Welcome to JAfrican® Fitness!

Happy Thanksgiving! Sweat out some major calories in a pre-Thanksgiving workout. Our Wednesday Axis Dance Studio class is FREE FREE FREE!!! Also, FREE classes at 24 Hour Fitness all this week for gym guests. See you there!